Mental Health Practitioner

Dave Heffernan

Showreel for Mental Health Practitioner and Professional Speaker - David Heffernan

Dave’s background story is one of a kind; born in Salford, Dave dealt with extraordinary life issues – death, grief, abuse, homelessness, violence; but this didn’t hold him back, in fact, it created the momentum and passion that Dave has today. Dave is an expert in mental health, from the raw, real-life issues that he has faced, and helped others face.

He is the UK’s Number 1 Provider of Anxiety Solutions and Dave works with corporates and individuals to create awareness, end stigma and educate people on mental health issues

It was our challenge to convey what he does, and his passion for his work in a short, sub 3 minute, film.


I met Dave a few years ago at a networking event he came to speak at. His story – about his early years, living on the streets, being wrongly arrested for arson, being the victim of an armed robbery and been beaten almost to death, twice! – stuck with me. Well, it would. Most pepole would not be able to cope with what Dave has been through.

So when Dave approached me to film him deliver a workshop to 400 people and produce a showreel I jumped at the chance!

We set about arranging the day of filming, capturing the workshop and client testimonials, along with extra footage to support Dave’s message.

We’re both over the moon with the results and Dave is already using the video to show his expertise to new clients and secure more bookings.


Concept Development, Filming at Multiple Locations, Interviews, Audio & Video Capture, Editing, 


Mental Health Practitioner

July 2019

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