Video Production in Wolverhampton

Video Production in Wolverhampton

We are proud to call Wolverhampton our home and Rich, our founder, has lived in the Black Country for over 30 years. Funnily enough, that’s about the same amount of time he has been producing videos. After all that time, and working across the country, we’re proud to offer Video Production in Wolverhampton. 

There really is nothing else like helping local businesses to maximise the power of video production and see them go from strength to strength.

It’s great to help businesses across the country but even more meaningful when it’s in your home town.


Some of our video production work in Wolverhampton involved filming Scouting for Girls as the Headline act
We filmed Scouting For Girls headlining a festival in Wolverhampton for a video we produced

Video production in Wolverhampton has come a long way in the last decade or so. Many SME’s are using video productions as a marketing tool and it’s fantastic to see the effect this is having on the local economy. It’s particularly great to see the manufacturing sector doing well in the city.

This year we produced a video for Enjoy Wolverhampton Live, a free day entertainment for the whole family in Queen Square. The whole day is put on by Wolverhampton’s very own Business Improvement District, Enjoy Wolverhampton who seek to make a collective contribution to deliver improvements to Wolverhampton City Centre.

It’s fantastic to see the Business Improvement District making improvements in the city and our video, produced and filmed in Wolverhampton is a key part of their marketing to promote the city.

One of our videos Produced in Wolverhampton


Your customers are out there ready to buy from you but they want to know a bit more about you first. They want to know how you can make their lives better and video is a great way to show them what you do and what makes you tick.

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