Products and Camera Kit

I’m often asked what kit I use for certain shots or what’s in my film making kit that I wouldn’t be without.  A lot of these questions come from people making films with their mobiles, so I have put together this guide to show you what I use.

Here’s my list of things I use regularly and trust when out making films. This is only a small section of what I have, but these are my essential video kit. I have included links tot he items on Amazon and if you buy the products using the links below I get a very small amount of commission from the price you would normally pay Amazon. It’s pennies but it helps me to continue making great films

Gear for Mobiles

Mobile Tripods & Stabilisation

The Handheld tripod 3 in 1 is essential for anyone using their mobile to film themselves. It gives a nice steady shot when in tripod mode and can be used in selfie mode when out and about. The detachable button can be used to start/stop recording and take pictures

DJI Osmo is a great, full packed gimbal for steady shots when moving. It’s also great for timelapse and motion lapse footage. If you move around with our mobile a lot, or prefer handheld shots you need one of these

Wired Sound on mobiles

A lapel mic can be clipped to a shirt, jacket or (using the correct tape) can be attached the chest.

Lapel mics give better, crisp and cleaner audio than other mics due to their proximity to the person’s mouth

They are small so can go unnoticed and ready to plug straight into your 3.5mm jack on your smartphone.

Note: iPhone users will need a lighting port adapter such as the one below.

Convert the lightning port on your iPhone to work with 3.5mm connections.

Note, this will work with microphones designed for mobiles such as the one above (4 gold bands on the plug) but will not work with the standard mic connector (3 gold bands) on the items below

Wireless mics

Designed for DSLR cameras, Rode Wireless Lapel Mic is useful for recording your voice in noisy places when you are a distance from the camera.

Ideally the subject should be as close as possible to the camera and microphone, but when that is not possible or movement of the subject is required a radio mic can be used in place of a wired mic

Note: You will need an 3.5mm adapter for your phone to use this with a mobile (see ‘3.5mm splitter’ below).

Convert any standard microphone and any headphones with a 3.5mm jack to work with your mobile.

This cable plugs into your phone’s 3.5mm jack and give 2 sockets, one is for a mic (like the Rode lapel mic kit above). If needed the other socket can be used for headphones for playback

Other sound gear

Rode Shotgun Mic –

Zoom audio recorder – – This stereo recorder can record high-quality sound which is stored on to an SD card or can be used as a wired handheld mic

Lights for video creation

Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable Bi-color 660 LED Video Light with 3200-5600K color temperature and ultra-high CRI 96+, design with U bracket and barn door for easy angle adjustment and light source focus

Gear for DSLR Video creation


Joby GorillaPod for DSLR –

Tripod Ball Head to go on top of the GorillaPod –

Tall Tripod with flexible head configuration for range of shots –

Cameras & Lenses

Canon 80D –

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Lens –

22mm prime lens –

50mm prime lens –

Canon 60D Backup camera –