Keynote Filming

You’re an expert at what you do and you impart your knowledge through training workshops, public speaking and keynote speeches to a room of people. People who have given up time and money to be there and listen to you.

But how do you use this to spread your message further afield?

How do you get your keynote seen by many more people?

How can you use the opportunity to showcase your skills and market yourself for future events?

Assets and investments

It’s all about your assets. Assets are films, videos, testimonials personal brand, showreels, etc that add to your credibility. Collecting assets by there nature will elevate your profile and present you as the go-to person in your field.

Giving training and keynoting is definitely an asset, all the better if you can show others what you have achieved.

Having it filmed is an investment in yourself and your business and it can pay dividends by

  1. Get more bookings to speak and get paid to speak
  2. Make you more money as it proves your ability to others and people know what to expect.
  3. Get higher attendance at your next event by showing people a clip of what they are missing
  4. The footage can be added to existing or future footage to create a showreel
  5. Can be edited to provide video content for many weeks
  6. It becomes part of your story, a snapshot of you in time. A milestone of your journey

So why not get your next speaking event professionally recorded.

What does a showreel look like?

Good question. A showreel will show you and allow people to get to know you a bit better. It should also have purpose and pace and not be overly long. Check out some of our work for recent clients

*This video does contain the f-bomb twice. Swearing can be controversial but it wouldn’t be authentic to Marc and his personality if it was edited out.

But it’s more than that.

It’s self-improvement too. It can be a bit uncomfortable watching yourself and hearing your own voice but it’s the best way to improve your speaking.

You’ll notice things you can change to improve your talk, the little habits you do and how to improve your stagecraft.

Here is a video of Adam Stevens and what he said about it afterwards.

“This feedback is vital; watching it back myself is fascinating and highlights so many areas I can improve upon such as posture and tonality. In this particular video, the energy could have increased much earlier on, leading to increased audience engagement also. There are many other factors that can be worked on.” – Adam Stevens


Choose your investment

We have a number of packages to suit your needs, from a simple one camera setup to a multi-camera edit with lights and radio mics. Prices start from £100


What next

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