Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Photography

You only ever get one chance to make a first impression, so why would you chance messing it up. Photography is one of the things that everybody thinks they can do but the reality is that there are very few professionals who specialise in event photography at seminars, meetings, workshops and shows.

As business owners, we often have to budget our expenses and sometimes make supposed savings in areas that are really very important. As a speaker or event organiser, you cannot afford not to have a professional record of your event, so it is foolish to try and save money on the only bit of the event that will be there forever!

Marketing Assets

For us, event photography is all about gettingĀ assets (photographs) you can use in your business. These assets can be usefulĀ in a number of ways to event organisers and professional speakers

  • Show the size/scale of your event
  • The setting and type of environment
  • Positions yourself as an expert in your field
  • Promote recent and future events
  • Show yourself as the goto guy

But you can’t do any of that without recording and photographing your event. After all, without pictures, it may as well have not happened at all!”


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