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Captions and subtitles are important beacause so many people watch video with their phones on mute.

Which is why it’s important to add subtitles to your video when you upload them to facebook. Here we will go through how you can get subtitles (also know as captions) on your Facebook videos.

Firstly lets look at the key component to subtitles more…

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I want to help you make better video so that you can stand out from all the others in your industry by creating quality videos.

So I have created a new Channel for exclusive content to help you.

And this is an important lesson for us all.

I could have published the content on an existing channel but it didn’t really fit anywhere and would have risked…

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I love video production, it’s what I do after all, but I also love helping business owners. That’s why I’ve written this blog, to give an honest opinion on video production vs blogging.

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Storytelling is the in thing at the moment, people say…

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